One product that we get excited about at Nexgen Contractors is manufactured stone. You may have also heard it called faux stone, stone veneer, brick veneer, or cultured stone (which is a trademarked name belonging to the industry leader and one of our top-rated suppliers, Boral).  Stone masonry and stone veneers give the feeling of luxury without the hefty financial investment.

Because it weighs about a third of natural stone, cultured stone can be used in indoor and outdoor applications alike. It’s also less expensive and far less labor intensive than traditional stone masonry.  The colors and finishes are more consistent, which is an important factor in large projects. It is also available in a myriad of styles that can be mixed to create custom designs.

Not only does stone veneer increase the beauty of your home, but when it comes time to sell, your home will have a built-in marketing booster. Masonry tends to make a home look unique or custom, and that’s important when you are competing with houses of similar design.

Nexgen Contractors has been working in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson communities for over 8 years.  Give Nexgen Contractors a call today to receive your free in-home consultation. Featured here are some projects involving stone veneer, installed by  Nexgen Contractors throughout the Upstate of South Carolina.